10 Reasons to Pick Cape Town As Your Honeymoon Destination

This megalopolis at the end of the world has become one of the most visited cities by newlyweds. They are attracted by wide white beaches, amazing cuisine, stunning nature and bustling energy of the mixture of cultures and civilizations. What are the main reasons to go on your honeymoon to Cape Town?

1. Sunbathe on beautiful beaches

There is a huge number of beaches around Cape Town. The most popular is Camps Bay, which has long been considered the most refined sandy seaside in the entire Western Cape province. Fans of magnificent panoramas and hot online girls choose the picturesque Sandy Bay beach. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to swim in the ocean since the water here does not warm up above 12 degrees even in summer.

2. Climb up Table Mountain

The photogenic peak is the main symbol of Cape Town, and you cannot skip visiting it. There are two ways to climb it. The most popular is the funicular. Another way to see Mother City from a bird’s eye view is tracking. It is better to hit the road at dawn when the sun isn’t that active.

3. Swim with sharks

Traditional folk fun in South Africa is diving in a cage to sharks. The best place for this is the town of Gansbay. You will put on wetsuits and masks, take portable cameras and will be closed in a cage, from which you can safely watch the queens of the food chain.

4. Take a wine tour

Although the vineyards of South Africa account for only 1% of all world plantings, this country is consistently among the ten major wine producers. The special pride of South Africa is pinotage, a hybrid grape variety that has been preserved only here and in New Zealand. The most “drunk” district is the Franschhoek Valley, which means “French corner.”

5. Try new African cuisine

In recent years, Cape Town has experienced a gastronomic boom. The culinary heritage of Dutch settlers, English farmers, French winemakers and African tribes has been miraculously mixed here. Thus, to try excellent South African oysters, go to the Sea Breeze or the Mojo gastronomic market.

6. Take the best photo on the Cape of Good Hope

You can get to the national park surrounding the Cape of Good Hope by renting a car or a tourist bus. You will have to walk along the stone stairs winding between the cliffs to the main photo spot – the lighthouse and the distance indicator to world capitals. But take care of hats and cameras since there are thieving baboons in the bushes along the route.

7. Take a helicopter sightseeing tour

You can see the photogenic peaks of Table Mountain and the Head of the Lion during a helicopter tour. Tourists are offered several routes: the shortest lasts 20 minutes and allows you to see all the main attractions of Cape Town, the longer one will involve picturesque surroundings, including Cape of Good Hope.

8. Dance in the main techno club of South Africa

Parties take place here almost every night. At sunset, you can visit one of the beach clubs, for example, Shimmy’s, and spend the night at the Modular club. This place is famous for musicians from Berlin, London and New York.

9. Explore the art scene of Africa

To immerse yourself in the history of painting and sculpture of Africa, go to the South African National Gallery, and look for the work of the most commercially successful young artists in the galleries of Stevenson, Goodman and Whatiftheworld.

10. Have a picnic in the botanical garden

Kirstenbosch Garden was founded in 1913. There you can walk all day, admiring the plants, objects of modern art, organically blended into the landscape. There are cafes and restaurants in the garden where you can rent a plaid and order a picnic basket full of food and drinks.